Supreme Court Cases




Blair Subscription Databases for this assignment:

Student Resources in Context (Gale / Cengage) for more overviews of cases and some full text Supreme Court decisions.

Trial Databases (for a limited time only):

American Government full-text of many cases, along with biographies of justices involved and an overview of each case.
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CQ Researcher's Supreme Court database: one of the best resources out there for information on the Supreme Court's history, decisions, and personalities.
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Government Websites:

FedWorld - Full Texts of Supreme Court decisions issued between 1937 and 1975.

Supreme Court of the United States - going to the source is always a good idea.

Organization and University websites

Digital History (University of Houston) - provides a link to Supreme Court cases by date and a brief description of the background and the ruling.

Exploring Constitutional Law (Professor Doug Linder): Another fantastic scholarly source from noted legal scholar Doug Linder.

FindLaw search for full text decisions by name.

First Amendment Center First Amendment topics

Landmark Cases summaries, analyses, and texts of landmark cases.

Legal Information Institute from the Cornell University Law School

Oyez summaries of many important cases.


Check out our link on the Library Thing. These books are in the Media Center on a Supreme Court Reserve Cart waiting for you.

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March 10, 2011