AP World History
Modern World History

Blair Online Databases: Passwords are on Edline under Media Center

CultureGrams (ProQuest) - Quick country overviews providing cultural information and access to data sources.

Global Issues in Context (Gale / Cengage) - great source, international in scope. Provides reference, magazine and newpaper articles, links to relevant advocacy organizations, and multimedia.

Opposing Viewpoints Resources in Context (Gale / Cengage) - old faithful! Provides reference, magazine and newspaper articles, images, and more. Tends to be a bit more US-centric.

Points of View (EBSCO) - find journal articles on a variety of topics. Many of the sources are international in perspective.

ProQuest Research Library Prep (formerly ProQuest Platinum) (ProQuest) - journal and newspaper articles on current topics.

SIRS Researcher (SIRS) - use this database to find quality articles and great websites. Look for "Leading Issues" and find pro/con articles. Also click on the icon for Global Impact for a more international perspective on your topic.

Student Resources in Context (Gale / Cengage)- provides links to current magazine & newspaper articles, viewpoint articles and links to multimedia (such as radio interviews). Complements ProQuest Research Library Prep and EBSCO Points of View nicely.

World Data Analyst (Britannica) - use this product for 1-page country overviews and build comparison charts with data.

E-books (passwords are under Gale / Cengage)

Gale / Cengage e-books

Berskshire Encyclopedia of World History

Child Labor: A Global View

Prejudice in the Modern World Reference Library

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices


BBC Country Profiles

BBC: The World at 7 Billion - find out your place in the world.

C.I.A. World Factbook - US publication that provides overview of countries in several areas and tool to create country comparisons.

Department of State Background Notes - US publication that provides an overview of current situation in countries around the world.

Pew Research Center - a non-partisan non-profit that researches and tracks trends and data on issues affecting modern life.

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Noodlebib - use Noodlebib to create your works cited list. Share your list electronically with your teacher.

Web Assessment Tool - use this tool to help add your great web finds to this page!




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