U.S. Foreign Policy





To gain background knowledge on your topic, begin with an encyclopedia.  Try Encyclopedia Britannica.

Also use the CIA World Factbook for basic information about your country.


Bibliography/Works Cited/Works Consulted:



Blair Databases

Facts.com type in the name of the country and search Title only

American Government Click on the Topics tab, then scroll down to Foreign Policy. Make sure you click on the related entries, especially the chart on Foreign Policy spending.

Student Resource Ctr. Gold

Modern World History good background information on different countries and issues

Proquest Platinum get up to date newspaper and magazine articles

Newsbank: Access World News has newspaper articles from papers around the world

SIRS Knowledge Source

Points of View find your topic on the list

Opposing Viewpoints


Government Web Sites

Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights

CIA World Factbook


White House


International Organizations, Think Tanks and Publications

The United Nations

Federation of American Scientists (FAS)

World Affairs Council

Freedom House

Foreign Affairs Online a huge list of sources on Foreign Affairs. Use the menu on the left to navigate.

Nationmaster compare different countries on specific indicators

The World Bank

Brookings Institute

RAND Corporation

CATO Institute

Heritage Foundation