Genetic Disease Project

Game Plan

(1) find reputable sources of background information on your topic to understand basic issues in your research

(2) create a pamphlet giving full credit to all sources used.

(3) evaluate sources in a collaborative online environment. You will send your e-mail address to Ms. Lamphier, and in return, you will get an invitation to join the group. Once in Diigo, you will add a bookmark it, annotate it, or create tags to help keep your content organized.

Free Internet Sources - Not all sources are created alike!

Let's take a look at one Ms. Sloe recommends: - provides excellent background and resources on genetic counseling, genetic diseases, rare and orphan diseases using this tool from the Genetic Alliance.

Let's take a look at one of Ms. Lamphier's favorites from the Anthropology Department at Palomar College based on the work of Gregor Mendel. 1) The Probability of Inheritance which explains classical Mendelian genetics and (2) Exceptions to Simple Inheritance which explains incomplete dominance, co-dominance, and environmental impact on genetics (3) You can take a quiz to check your knowledge!

Genetic Tools ( Excellent source for primary care practitioners (pediatrician). Provides case studies, tutorials on how to understand modes of inheritance.

Human Genome Project: Excellent source of information on diseases, ethics, gene testing, genetic counseling, links to genetic disorders on the web and more.

Mayo Clinic - Diseases and Conditions

NIH: A-Z Health Topics.

Medline Plus: Genetics/Birth Defects - overview of your disease including disease management and links to clinical trials.

National Library of Medicine: Genetics Home Reference - see the Handbook. Especially helpful for understanding the role of genetic testing, genetic counseling, and indications for gene therapy.

Best Database Sources for Academic Articles (EBSCO Scientific American) - excellent source for the best in scientific thinking. Click on Scitable, Nature's online Genetics Classroom.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center - for articles on the role of genetic counseling and biomedical ethics.

ProQuest Platinum - see sample search "advanced search" for peer-reviewed full text articles or see the search for case studies.

Science Resource Center (Cengage / Gale) -Reference Articles for basic overviews on your disease. Also includes sample "pedigree analysis" charts. See sample search for an academic journal article.

Best Free Internet Sources (Advanced)

OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man. Can help provide information on affected chromosomes and geographical distributions of genetic disorders.

Polishing Tools

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Last updated March 4, 2010