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Creating Bibliographies and Works Cited style sheets

A Bibliography is a list of all works that you consulted in the course of creating your project. A Works Cited Page is a list of all the works that you actually refer to in your project. Sometimes the list is the same, but usually the Bibliography is longer. The format for both is exactly the same, unless your teacher instructs you otherwise.

Choose the correct format:

  • MLA - usually used with English and Social Studies classes.
  • APA - usually used in Science classes.


Graphic Organizers



Evaluating Web Sites

Internet Evaluation Form - please fill out this form for all Internet sites that are NOT part of an online subscription database.

9th - 10th grade

11th - 12th grade


Taking Notes

Keep in mind that many sources require additional information. Refer to the Style Sheets above for more specific sources.


Collaborative writing and peer review



Use the following links to answer questions on grammatical usage.

The OWL at Purdue University

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar Slammer

Elements of Style the classic by Strunk and White


Plagiarism log in here

Overview of Plagiarism by

  • Under "educators will find..." look for handouts you can use with students to teach them to avoid plagiarism.
  • Under "students will find..." look for definitions and examples of plagiarism and what not to do.












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