Roman Mythology Project

  Databases - passwords are on page 24 of your planbook


Encyclopaedia Britannica - articles, images + outside links


World Book Encyclopedia - articles, images + outside links


Ancient and Medieval History Online
Reference articles on historical topics. See password under Facts on File on page 25 of plan book.


SIRS Knowledge Source - articles, images, + outside links. Search by Subject, then click on the link to find a brief description along with attributes.

World History: Ancient and Medieval
Primary source documents, reference and full-text journal articles covering themes, events, individuals and periods in history. See page 25 in your planbook for username and password under ABC-CLIO.
BBC History - Ancient History: Greeks.
Mythology Links Nova Roma - Brief, basic, descriptions of each god/goddess
Mythology Web Greek Mythology
Roman Festivals


More Roman Festivals Mythology
Genealogy of the Roman Gods Encyclopedia Mythica - Roman Mythology page
Daily Life in Ancient Rome - includes descriptions of households, etc. Roman Mythology - Brief and basic information
Timeless Myths - The Olympians The Olympian Gods - links to references in texts and images in art.
The Olympian Deities - from Morford and Leonardon's Classical Mythology, 7th ed. Mythnet - Classics Unveiled page on Olympian Gods
Roman Gods - basic information The Theio Project - basic information about the Greek Gods
Roman Mythology - brief and basic Secrets of Lost Empires: Roman Bath - includes information on daily life in ancient Rome.

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