Ancient and Medieval History Online (Facts on File)


Grove Art (Oxford)

World History: Ancient and Medieval (ABC-CLIO)

SIRS Knowledge Source

E-BOOKS - use the password for Cengage/Gale

Arts and Humanities through the Eras



Artcyclopedia: Mythology in Art - brief articles linked to images depicting classic themes.

Encyclopedia Mythica - see this renowned website for articles on heroes, a geneaology table, timelines, and images.

Images of the Trojan War & Mythology - see images of the heroes and myths in art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - search for images or read the thematic essays.

Morford and Leonardon's Classical Mythology - see links to student materials including: maps (provides lovely images of constellations and some maps of heroes' journey), links to heroes in literature, character glossary describing family relationships, chapter materials (including interactive flashcards).

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