Mental Health Disorders

General websites that will provide information on selected mental health conditions or disorders

ABC News - read an article and excerpt from Kitty Dukakis's book on her experience with ECT as a treatment for depression.

Mayo Clinic - Diseases and Conditions: Schizophrenia.

National Institutes of Health - Health Topics A-Z
Provides material (some very specialized) about various health topics. More general information is provided under "related topics."

National Library of Medicine: Medline Plus - a brief overview of electroconvulsive therapy.

NPR: "My Lobotomy" - one man's story of a lobotomy at the hands of Dr. Walter Freeman. Read other oral histories here.

The Merck Manual Online - an extremely helpful overview of mental disorders, especially helpful for the personality disorders.

Healthfinder - A government website that links to other government health information.


Sound - a site of oral histories of ordinary people. Click on "My Lobotomy" to hear the story of a young boy who was forcibly lobotomised. See other links to a timeline of the procedure and its place in medical history.

The Merry Pranksters

The Psychedelic Sixties - presents information about the Merry Pranksters, Ken Kesey, and Tom Wolfe.

Blair's Online Databases


Online Student Edition (Britannica & Compton's Encyclopedias)- ) will provide articles and links to resources on the Internet.

Magazines and Newspapers - pay careful attention to the dates of the original sources.

SIRS Knowledge Source - will provide articles and links to resources on the Internet.

Student Resource In Context (Gale/ Cengage) - articles on all of the figures above as well as Freud. You will also find reference articles on most of your other topics, including the medical and drug releated topics. You may need to perform a "full-text" search to locate materials on some topics, such as psilocybin or the Merry Pranksters

Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Gale / Cengage) - Click on the main subject heading "mental health" for a variety of articles representing many viewpoints.

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